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대관절차 대관절차
Procedure Content
Rental Consultation For rental inquiries, please contact the rental manager.
Rental Application When applying for renting a theater, fill out the Rental Request Application Form ~ (Please write in detail as it will be reviewed)
  • Regular Theater Rentaltwice a year - March (July to December) in the first half of the year, September in the second half (January to June of the following year)
  • Occasional Theater RentalAnnouncement of Occasional Theater Rental on the website
Application Review
  • A review committee, composed of experts, assesses the quality of performance groups, performers, and works, and makes decisions regarding rentals.
  • The rental process takes approximately one month from the application deadline to the review.
  • After the application is approved, you must enter into a rental agreement within 15 days and make the required deposit payment.
  • The deposit amounts to 20% of the performance rental fee and must be paid upon signing the contract.
  • For occasional rentals, the date of the rental agreement and deposit details will be communicated upon approval.
Approval After reviewing the application, we will notify you in writing whether it is approved or not and the period for payment of the usage fee. (Oral notification in case of urgency)
Payment The balance is due 30 days prior to the scheduled use date, and facility fees are due by the end of the rental period.

The applicant is kindly requested to engage in thorough advance discussions with the Daegu Opera House regarding all aspects of the rental process to ensure the successful hosting of the performance

Ticket Issuance

  • Ticket issuance must be coordinated in advance with Daegu Opera House.
  • The ticket verification application must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the performance

Promote your show

To promote the performance, Daegu Opera House has an online website, posters, and leaflet displays, and please consult with the person in charge for details.

Stage Staff Meeting

Please submit the venue use cooperation statement and stage installation plan (flameproof document, stage progress plan, stage production plan, lighting plan) after the staff meeting, by 14 days before the performance.