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On our 20th anniversary, we leap forward as a
global opera city.

Daegu Opera House is the center of Korean opera. Daegu Opera House is Korea's only producing theater in opera. It has made and performed operas, operated art training programs for citizens, and an open studio for vocalists. We have also held the Daegu International Opera Festival every year since its opening in 2003. We have grown step by step, aiming to become an opera theater worthy of the best opera theater.

In 2023, the Daegu Opera House celebrates its 20th anniversary. The Daegu International Opera Festival is also scheduled to hold its 20th edition. At this meaningful time, Daegu Opera House hopes to brighten the name of Daegu as a global opera city with higher-quality programs and sophisticated operations.

The most important thing is content. We will do our best to prepare to deliver great content to you through seasonal performances and opera festivals. We will produce opera works representing our country and actively interact with leading opera theaters overseas. This year, in particular, large-scale programs commensurate with the 20th anniversary of the opening are scheduled, so we look forward to your continued interest and support.

We know that the true driving force behind the development of Daegu Opera House comes from all citizens and performance lovers who love our theater. Thank you to everyone who always visits Daegu Opera House. We will repay you with abundant performances, deep emotion, and joy.

Thank you.

Daegu Opera House Director Kabgun Chung