Performance 공연안내
Daegu Opera House makes its best effort to provide the audience with comfortable and pleasant Performance environment.

All Daegu Opera House performances can be booked online, but availability may vary for some rental events based on the hosting company's operation. Thank you for your understanding.

Discount Information

Basic Discount
Basic Discount 10%
  • 10 people or more
  • Member of Daegu Opera House Homepage
  • Member of COCOA
  • 30 people or more
  • Cultural Pass (youth and college students 8 to 24 years old)
30% 100 people or more
  • 65 years old or older (oneself)
  • Disabled person (including accompanying 1 person)
  • National meritorious person (oneself)
Special Discount 20%
  • Green Card (in case of payment at site)
  • Ijoa card holder
  • Maternal handbook holder (including accompanying 1 person)
  • Artist pass (oneself)
  • Reservation at DGtickets (+82-53-422-1255)
30% Support society of Daegu Opera House