Academy/PR 아카데미
Art education in everyday life enjoyed closer

With the aim of "art education in everyday life enjoyed closer," various art practical classes were opened
for citizens We would like to promote the academy project to expand the base of opera audiences and contribute to civic happiness.

Vocal Performance Affectionate Korean song Dong-nyeok Kim Every Monday 10:30~12:30 120,000 won Capacity of 30 people
European trip with Korean song Bong-seok Lim Every Friday 10:30~12:30 240,000 won Capacity of 15 people
My Aria Seonyoung Joo Every Tuesday 10:30~12:30 300,000 won Capacity of 12 people
Youth Opera Choir Yeong-sang Hong Every Thursday 18:00~20:00 40 people
Instrumental Performance Chamber Ensemble Dio Orchestra Every Monday 19:00~21:00 330,000 won 15 people
*Vocal Performance Affectionate Korean song This program specializes in Korean songs where you can enjoy, sing, and learn beautiful and precious Korean songs
European trip with Korean song This is also an art practice program where you can feel the atmosphere of a trip to Europe by singing songs together, focusing on Italian, German, and world-famous songs.
My Aria This is a practical art program for opera arias and vocal singing as part of vocal training for opera lovers.
Youth Opera Choir This is a youth opera choral training program specialized in opera theaters and signed an operating agreement with Daegu Opera House Academy.
*Instrumental Performance Chamber Ensemble This is a practical training program that provides individual lessons for each instrument and the opportunity to perform on stage as a chamber orchestra through instrument duet with the Dio Orchestra, a professional opera performance orchestra.
Instrumental Performance
Vocal Performance