DOH Foundation 대구오페라하우스
Organizational chart Organizational chart
  • Chairman (Mayor)
    • Board of Directors
    • Auditor
  • President
    • Opera Advisory Committee
    • Audit Director
  • Management Support Division
    • Management Support Team
    • Facility Maintenance Team
  • Performing Art Division
    • Performance Planning Team
    • Marketing Team
    • Stage Team

Responsibilities in charge

Representative telephone number +82-53-666-6000 Fax number +82-53-666-6019

Responsibilities in charge
Division Team Job Title Responsibilities Name Direct tel. no.
President Overall management of Daegu Opera House In Kun Park 6001
Management Support Division Director of Management Support Division Supervising the entire affairs of Management Support Division Nu Ri Joo 6005
Management Support Team Team manager Supervising Management Support Team and governmental relations Nu Ri Joo 6010
  Management planning, board of directors, internal regulations, audit, governmental relations Eun Jung Choi 6011
  HR (recruitment and labor), budget, fiscal closing, ethical management Se Young Lee 6012
  Bidding, contract, education, business for profit, public property, sexual equality Hyo Jin Lee 6014
  Execution of general expenses, payroll (including 4 public dues and income tax), annual tax return, management of bank account and contribution, history of DOH, handling of important visitors Ji Hyung Huh 6013
  Execution of project expenses, management of properties, vehicles and administrative communication network Min Ho Kim 6015
Facility Maintenance Team Team manager Supervising facility team regarding building, fire prevention and landscaping Young Koo Kang 6020
  Electricity, information communication, management of parking and security Chul Hoon Lee 6021, 6065
  Heating and air conditioning, gas facilities, cleaning and repairs Sung Hoon Jang 6022, 6063
  Firefighting equipment, elevators, prevention of disease Kyung Woo Kang 6023
  Maintenance of annexes, dressing rooms and musical instrument rooms Sang Wook Nam 6044
Performing Art Division Director of Performing Art Division Art director supervising the Performing Art Division Sang Moo Choi 6006
Performance Planning Team Team manager Supervising performance planning team and planning performing art, festival and academy activities Ah Me Kim 6030
  Planning and production of opera, conducting DIOF Won Chul Jung 6031
  Planning and production of opera, cooperation with foreign theaters Da Som Jung 6032
  Planning and operation of academy activities and open studio, production of cultural programs Min Jung Kim 6033
  Planning and production of opera, operation of standing opera Ho Jin Lee 6034
  Planning and production of concert and ballet, planning DIOA Ga Young Ryu 6035
  Planning and production of concert and ballet, planning little theater opera Yoo Ho Jung 6036
  Operation of academy activities, production of lecture opera Min Hye Lee 6037
Marketing Team Team manager Supervising marketing team, public relations and marketing Soo Jung Kim 6040
  Design, printout advertisement, outdoor advertisement, promotion Young Sun Kim 6041
  Marketing of DOH, operation of opera and marketing study group Ha Na Jo 6042
  Online marketing other than website Won Bin Kim 6043
  Operation of marketing hall and production of souvenirs Jee Yoon Park 6170, 6171
Stage Team Team manager Supervising stage setting, safety management and production technology Hyo Sup Lee 6050
  Directing stage setting, operation of stage equipment, and holding meeting of performing staffs Jin Sup Jung 6055
  Operation, maintenance and repair of stage equipment Yong Seung Lee 6057
  Operation and maintenance of stage equipment, and management of expendable parts Jin Suk Chun 6058
  Operation and maintenance of stage equipment, management of stage specialists Ji Youl Park 6059
  Lighting design, maintenance and operation of lighting appliances, management of lighting crew Gil Hwan Moon 6051
  Operation, maintenance and repair of lighting appliances; operation of lighting crew Ki Min Kim 6054
  Sound design, operation and maintenance of sound appliances, management of files related with performances, management of sound crew Wan Suk Nam 6052
  Operation, maintenance and repair of sound appliances, management of files related with performance, operation of sound crew Ji Woon Choi 6056
  Review committee for rental of opera house, operation of house manager and doctor’s seat Tae Hak Kim 6053